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About us

Our commitment to you

At Inter-America we are committed to our clients, our long experience in the field of loans has made us an example of Responsibility for others due to the way we operate.

We have taken on the task of establishing the Principles with our Clients, establishing what they can expect of us and what Inter-America expects of them. Taking into account the way in which they should be treated and what a client should consider when acquiring a loan, we will make sure to comply with these principles and take the appropriate actions so as not to fail along the way.

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Customer focus

“Customer focus”

We recognize that the long-term success of the company depends on putting our customers first.

Offering credit wisely and responsibly to those who can pay is good for a healthy economy. Due to the nature of emerging markets, many of our clients are excluded from financial services because they do not have a credit history. We believe that people should not be excluded from a loan for this reason.

Dealing with the customer and providing responsibly is an increasingly important issue for companies offering financial services. As one of the largest home loan providers in emerging markets, we recognize that our responsibility is to set an example for others with the way we operate.


Our Principles with the Client

Our goal is to provide simple and transparent financial products and services. We treat clients with respect and are clear, always following responsible and transparent lending practices.

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Our priority "the customer"

Communication with the customer

It is our goal to give clear and honest information about our products to help customers make a good decision. We recognize that it is important to give clear and honest information about our products and offers.

Customer experience

Customer satisfaction level questionnaires help us monitor the quality of customer service we provide. For our clients, the loan is a good option if they want to ask for relatively small amounts. We understand the reality of managing loans with short budgets and we understand those with low incomes.

Customer service

Customer service is considered in the selection practices of Executives who go through a very complete induction process. After this, the first 10 loan installments from an Executive will be reviewed in detail by an Operations Director and will be delivered by both people.

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How do we lend?

We consider people’s requests in all financial circumstances but are careful not to exceed our clients’ capacity and will only loan the amount that we believe the client can afford.

The Executives are responsible for gathering information that allows us to properly validate and evaluate loan applications. Each client that requests a loan is subject to a budget evaluation in which the Executive establishes the payment capacity based on certain predefined criteria.

These systems help minimize loan risk and make it easier for clients to manage their budgets. We have two qualifying systems:

  • Application scoring reduces loan risk by using demographic information to predict payment performance of new clients and to recommend a maximum value and loan term.
  • Behavioral scoring is applied to loans that are reorganized, predicting the risk based on the customer’s payment history and again specifying the maximum value and term. Clients go through a budget evaluation for each new loan.